Bulk submission

Thank you for your submission! 
Please ship your cards to:

Derium's Bulk
2926 state road 
cuyahoga falls ohio, 44223

Please Be sure to package your bulk securely so the cards do not get damaged during shipping. 
 We recommend wrapping stacks of 100 cards in some sort of plastic wrap, paper, or you can use ziploc bags or something similar. You can also use elite trainer boxes, or something similar to those. We also suggest using flat rate boxes. You can fit around 6k in a large flat rate box and 4k in a medium flat rate box. Please print out the submission form that you received from your email and place it into the box before shipping it to us. We will use the form to verify everything is correct and going to the right person.
I'll go bug A-aron now and make sure he gets on this for you!