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PayPal or Store Credit payments for bulk. 

Current prices we pay:

$0.01 each Common/Uncommon

$0.06 each on Non-Holo Rares

$0.07 each on Holo Rares, Reverse Holo Rares, Holo Commons/Uncommons

$0.50 each for Bulk V/EX/GX cards

$0.75 each for bulk Vmax cards (not oversized)

How the Bulk works!
(Fill out the form below)

"Bulk" is considered to be any Pokemon card that is
1. English
2. Near Mint
3. NOT an energy (special energy is fine!)
4. Not counterfeit 
5. No world champ cards
6. Bulk can be from any set as long as it meets the requirements above.
7. trainers DO count as bulk

Code cards are not considered bulk and do not count towards your count!
Cards can be from any set as long as the follow the rules above.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Where and How to ship the Bulk:

The name on your shipment must match the name you used on the bulk form. This is how we will look your order up. 

Fine print! 

Sometimes we get flooded with bulk. We cannot promise any specific amount of turnaround time, it usually takes 2-3 business days once your tracking says we have received it. We will do our best to stay on top of this and not delay anything.

If bulk we receive does not meet all the terms of "what bulk is" we will salvage what we can and pay accordingly. If it is too bad, we will ship it back to you at your expense. You can however send in more bulk or pay the difference!