Weekly Orders!

Weekly Orders!

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How it all works!

You are currently purchasing a Booster Box that will be opened on Twitch, on the night that you choose. 

No Codes No Bulk - We Open your box on camera and we keep the Common/Uncommon bulk worth less than $1, the basic energy, and the codes. We ship you everything else (Ultra rares, rares and holos).

Nights are first come first serve! The new weeks nights will be added in when the week fills up. If for any reason we do not get to your order on that specific day, it will be opened the following night. In most circumstances we will not be able to combine multiple orders placed on different days, into one night. Please do not use the comment section to ask us to combine orders. If you have any questions about your order please email us, deriumsccgs@gmail.com.

*All dates are in EST
*If you add a non "Weekly Orders!" product into your cart, all items will ship together