Pale Moon Box - QUEUE

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This sale is for the queue, meaning Derium or Wiggins will open it on one of their upcoming streams, you will not be notified of what stream it's opened in. This product is for those who don't care about ordering while a stream is live. 
You get the promo, oversized card and 4 booster pack breaks, the packs are: 

2x Unified Minds
1x Lost Thunder
1x Steam Siege

Shipping is free for all US order $50 or more. 

how breaks work;

We will open these live on Twitch, you get to keep all the holos, reverse holos, rares and ultra rares (all the good stuff). We will keep the commons/uncommons and codes from each pack, this is why we are able to sell the packs at a discount!

All sales are final

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