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Single Card Grading - TCG & Non Sports (1980-present) - (EST 120 Day Turnaround) LIMITED TIME OFFER


~TCG & Non Sports (1980-present) 120 Day Estimated Turnaround!


This service is specifically aimed at serving the community for Regular Sized TCG Cards only.

Please refer to pinned post in our discord in our general channel for the spreadsheet that will be needed to submit your cards for grading!  If you are not a part of our discord, please go to or download Discord and search Derium's Pokemon! 

If you are interested in grading but are not a discord user, please email:

You will be emailed the forms needed to send off a submission with us!

All cards submitted through this service will be reviewed for card count on Derium's Twitch account on Friday mornings, reviewing the weeks worth of mail.  If your package arrives on a Friday, your package will be opened/ reviewed on the following Friday and submitted to PSA that coming Monday.  In the instance that your package is received on a Thursday, it will be opened/ reviewed the next day (Friday) and once again submitted the following Monday.  We will be submitting every week with the exception of a few holiday weeks! TBD

*THERE MAY BE ADDITIONAL COSTS associated with Upcharges from PSA that we cannot control.  Upcharges occur when a card grade well and becomes worth more than the maximum $$$ threshold in the tier they are submitted.  In the case of TCG & Non Sports Grading, that threshold sits at $199.  The amount that is charged over the standard grading fee is determined by how much more the card is worth over the threshold. Anyone submitting cards who incurs an upcharge on their order will be contacted for additional costs due.  These must be paid for before your cards are shipped back, this is non negotiable*

*Along with potential additional costs, return shipping costs will temporarily remain the same as any normal purchase.  This will be looked at and adjusted as we see fit for the purposes of returning your cards with the proper level of protection through insurance and handling.  We aim to build this into to system, however this will take some time to correctly assess.  In the mean time, please enjoy the very low return cost of shipping for your newly graded PSA Cards!

Please be respectable and patient, impatience will result in your cards potentially being returned or not being able to participate in future submissions.  This service will never be a perfect science, we are at the mercy of PSA's ability to receive our submissions, grade and return them.  Once the cards are out of our hands, they are exactly that, out of our hands. Regardless, they have been a fantastic company to work with and we intend on maintaining a great relationship with them!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding grading, or submission updates please feel free to email the address listed above.  We aim for this to be a pleasant experience for everyone who wants to encapsulated their collectables.  We look forward to looking at a some of your awesome cards! 

See you on Twitch ~ Mr Shadowless