Booster Boxes!

Booster Boxes!

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How it all works!
Purchasing one of the options below puts your order into our queue to be opened on camera, the turnaround is 1-2 business days. Occasionally we will do same day orders if we have product on hand. We post orders that are in the lineup on our discord channel. 
If you cannot be there to watch your live stream video on twitch, don't worry! you can view all past videos in our videos section on twitch. 
Sealed boxes will usually take 1-3 business days to be shipped out.
We are no longer doing orders specifically requested for YouTube, we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please if you use the comment section to request a specific signed card, keep them at 1-3 cards, most orders already come with a signed energy or magikarp while we have them available. 
(Prices include shipping to the U.S., there is a bit extra for international)

$89.99 Factory Sealed Box - We ship you a factory sealed Pokemon box.

$84.99 Booster Box Opened On Camera - We open your box on camera (uploaded to either the main channel, Box channel or Twitch) and we ship you everything we open. The $5 savings is a thanks for letting us use your box for extra content!

$79.99 Booster Box Minus Bulk - We open your box on camera and ship you everything except for the Commons and Uncommons worth less than $1. So you get all the Ultra rares, rares, holos and $1+ commons/uncommons and codes. 

$74.99 Booster Box Minus Codes - We open your box on camera and ship you everything except for the online codes. 

$64.99 Booster Box No Codes No Bulk - We Open your box on camera and we keep the Common/Uncommon bulk worth less than $1 and the codes. We ship you everything else (Ultra rares, rares and holos).