Here's how our buylist currently works!
Fill out the form below so we have a record and tell us how many cards you're sending in. Ship us the cards, we will total everything up and pay you, that simple! 

What we will pay: 
$1-$5 40% retail
$5.01-9.99 50% retail
$10-$19.99 60% retail
$20-$49.99 65% retail
$50+ 70% retail

What's "retail" mean? The average selling price of the card. The best place to get an idea of what your cards are worth is 

Cards we are not buying: 
Non-English cards
World Championship cards
Any non-tournament legal cards
Cards worse than light-played condition (not a lot of damage to the card, just light wear or better). 

Prices of cards change quickly. To ensure you get paid what you want, please ship them to us asap after filling out the form. 

In the event you close out the form after submitting, here is the address to ship the cards to:

ATTN: Buylist
NEWTON, NC 28658