Bulk For Sealed Box


How the Bulk for Sealed boxes works!
(Fill out the form below)

"Bulk" is considered to be any Pokemon card that is
1. English
2. Near Mint
3. NOT an energy (special energy is fine!)
4. Not counterfeit 
5. No world champ cards

Code cards are not considered bulk and do not count towards your count!


Cost per box is 3,000 bulk for US residents and 3,600 for international customers. 

Each box is a sealed booster box

On the form below enter the boxes you want. Each box is 3,000 bulk (3,600 for international). For example if you wanted 3 boxes, you'd need to ship us 9,000 bulk (or 10,800 for international). 

If you have any questions, please email us at Deriumsccgs@gmail.com.


Where and How to ship the Bulk:

The name on your shipment must match the name you used on the bulk form. This is how we will look your order up. 

Ship the bulk to;

(It is IMPORTANT to address this to 'Derium's Bulk For Box' so we know it's  for a sealed box, this will prevent delays in your order)

 Derium's Bulk For Box
2926 state road 
cuyahoga falls ohio, 44223


Fine print! 

Sometimes we get flooded with bulk. We cannot promise any specific amount of turnaround time. We will do our best to stay on top of this and not delay any orders. For example, a specific set might be overwhelmingly popular and we have to wait for restocks to come in.

In the event a set becomes sold out, we will contact you and let you know this. We will arrange with you a replacement set.