Rebel Clash Booster Box BREAK

Title: BREAK!!!
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Welcome to a way to buy boxes at a discount! Here's how it works. We open the box live on stream, we take the bulk and codes and you get all the good stuff! This is how we are able to sell at such low prices. 

You may pick a date for your box to be opened live.
We will open your box Via live stream (to be viewed on Twitch or Youtube). If you miss the stream, the video will be posted on our Youtube page.

You will receive all cards that are in the rare/holo rare/ultra rare spot along with the card in the reverse holo spot. 

You also get these uncommons:
Scoop up net
Speed Energy
Horror Energy
Burning Scarf

You may purchase as many break spots as you would like, they will be limited daily. 

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